Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reminder: Town Council meeting Weds night

After taking back $350,000 from the school budget last week, the current Council will hold their last meeting. On the agenda, the FY 2012 budget is being re-opened again. This time to possibly add back some positions.

Will they use the $350K?
Will they vote to raise additional funding?

Attend the meeting or tune into the broadcast via local cable or the internet to see what happens.

1. Resolution 11-58: Appropriation: Library – Prior Year- Salaries
2. Resolution 11-59: Appropriation: Recreation – Prior Year- Salaries
3. Resolution 11-60: Appropriation: OPEB Actuary Study
4. Resolution 11-61: Appropriation: Nustyle Demolition
5. Resolution 11-62: Appropriation: Roads/Sidewalks/Drainage/Storm Water/Infrastructure
6. Resolution 11-63: Amendment of the FY 2012 Budget
7. Bylaw Amendment 11-665:Amendment to Chapter 82, Appendix A – List of Service Fee Rates 2nd Reading

Based upon the Finance Committee meeting held on Oct 11 (and reported on here) I have the following insights to offer on these agenda items.

The first two items were unpaid bills that got caught in July and should be paid against the June (FY 2011) budget. The dollar amount is small ($716.94)

Res 11-60 would fund the study required periodically to determine the current status of our liability. Amount requested is $12,500. Recommendation to be paid from 'free cash'.

Res 11-61 for $165,000 - actually a place holder for the 'real' total. Bids to demolish the NuStyle build were to be opened Oct 27 so this meeting can provide a good current total amount.

Res 11-62 for $400,000 to be designated from the Hotel/Meal tax receipts received during the FY 2012 fiscal year.

Res 11-63 this is where the fun begins!

"NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT MOVED AND VOTED to further amend said FY 2012 Budget as
amended October 26, 2011 from $99,668,355 to $99,753,355, as outlined below: (Increase Planning
Board Salaries $8,000, Board of Health Salaries $9,000, Fire Department Salaries $85,000 and
decrease Employee Benefits –$17,000."

Note the full agenda and associated documents can be found on the Franklin website

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