Friday, December 30, 2011

Franklin, MA: Inspections and Building Dept

Department's Mission:
All the functions of a Building or Inspection Department can really be summarized as a simple seven (7) part process. While the amount of information is sometimes overwhelming and there are hundreds and hundreds of pieces to our work, the overall process is simply seven (7) steps:

The Department:
1. Receives information (permit applications, plans, specs, complaints, etc.);
2. Reviews the information for compliance with a legal standard (Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Zoning Codes, etc.);
3. Issues approvals or list of corrections (permits, notice of deficiencies, cease & desist orders, etc.);
4. Inspects in the field for compliance with the approvals;
5. Signs off or issues corrections notices;
6. Stores, and makes available upon request, all of the foregoing as public records, and lastly;
7. Follows the State and Local financial processes for the Department.

Additional information on the work of this department can be found on their page within the Franklin website

Page 129 of the 2011 Franklin Annual Report lists the activity for the prior year (Note the page reference is to the PDF version, Page 124 would be printed version)

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