Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Outdoors in Franklin

Looking to get out of the house and do something this week? Take a hike in Franklin.

Noted author Michael Tougias also wrote a "Trailguide: Outdoors in Franklin." The trailguide can be found on the Franklin website.

Author Michael Tougias has written many area guidebooks including River Days: Exploring the Connecticut River from Source to Sea, Exploring the Hidden Charles: A Guide to Outdoor Activities on Boston's Celebrated River, and New England Wild Places: Journey's Through the Back Country, as well as Until I Have No Country: A Novel of King Philip's War in New England and the non-Fiction King Philip's War: The History and Legacy of America's Forgotten Conflict. 
This guidebook was developed as an initiative of the Franklin Open Space Committee with support from the Department of Community Planning including former director Todd Ford, current Director Daniel Ben Yisrael, Town Ecologist Rich Vacca, and GIS Specialist Nick Alfieri as well as input and support from the Conservation Commission. Special thanks go to the graphic arts class of Mr. Eskay Sriram at Tri-County Regional Vocational School, which provided several excellent candidates for cover illustrations. The illustration selected was created by Corey Gray.

There are descriptions of walks covering the following:

• Franklin Town Forest
• Franklin State Forest
• Charles River
• Indian Rock
• DelCarte Conservation Area
• Beaver Pond
• Charles River
• Dacey Farm
• Uncas Pond and Trout Fishing
• SNETT Trail

As this was written in 2002, the some of the subject areas may have changed. The Dacey Farm has since become more formal open space for Franklin with the development of ball fields and most recently the dog park.

The trailguide can be found here (PDF):

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