Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"a great opportunity for the students"

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful plan,” member Pamela McIntyre said. “I completely support this. This is something that absolutely needs to happen.” 
School Building Committee Chairman and Town Councilor Thomas Mercer, high school Principal Peter Light and Ai3 architect Jim Jordan gave a presentation on the project last night, the board’s first since the Massachusetts School Building Authority approved the new school in January. 
They explained many of the points already aired to other committees in town. 
The proposed school is expected to cost $104.6 million, but substantial reimbursement from the state means the town would pay about $47 million.

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Respectfully, "many of the points already aired to other committees in town" may indeed be accurate for those who have heard about this project. The major financial points, date for the vote, etc. those have not changed. In the presentations that I have been able to attend, there are many details shown here for the first time. I heartily recommend viewing the presentation itself. The layout of the building, the slide details shown bring out some features not previously revealed. The walking distance between classes, the cluster arrangement, the layout of the new building super-imposed over the layout of the existing... All impressive points!

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