Friday, May 4, 2012

Franklin Destination Imagination Group This Saturday

Hi all-

This is an exciting honor for the team from Horace Mann Middle school, they placed 2nd in the Destination Imagination State tournament and qualified to go to the Finals in Tennessee!!  Please consider participating in the Panera fundraiser tomorrow from 11 to 8 to help them earn the money to be able to travel  to the Global Tournament.  Attached flyer must be presented.

The team will also have a bake table set up at the Horace Mann Community Yard sale from 8-1.
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Please pass this on to anyone you know in Franklin or associated with the Franklin Public Schools !!!!!!!   THANK YOU !

As many of you may have seen in the paper the Horace Mann Middle School Destination Imagination Team  made it to the Global Finals in Tennessee!  They have less than 20 days left to raise the $8500 needed to represent our town and our state!  

 Please help us spread the word about their bake sale this Saturday at Horace Mann from 8-1 and please print and use the flyer below for Panera from 11 - 8 pm tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Panera fundraiser THIS SATURDAY May 5th from 11- 8 ! 

Please print and bring the flyer below.There are two so feel free to share one.    Lunch and/or dinner !

THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!

Link to the DI group website for more information:

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