Sunday, April 29, 2012

Contract ratifications scheduled

Four of the nine union bargaining units have reached a tentative contract agreement. The settlement for each of the four is outlined in the Town Council agenda document. Each has contract language changes in additional to the money agreement.

All four have agreed to a 1.5% increase for FY 2013, a 2% increase for FY 2014 and a 2.5% increase for FY 2015. Three of the four receive a one time cash payment of $600, the fourth (the custodians) receive a $500 cash payment.

The money for the cash payment comes from the extra $151,114 that Franklin received in Oct 2011. This amount was local aid from the State added over and above the amount previously allocated. Franklin put the money aside in a special account. They need to allocate it within FY 2012 or it will roll into the "free cash" account and not be available until the "free cash" is approved later this year.

What this does to the overall question of the teacher contract $350,000 which is scheduled to be drawn back from the Stabilization account for use in the FY 2013 budget remains to be seen. As previously reported here, the FinCom did not specifically approve this transaction although they did approve the total Town budget which requires this amount to balance it. They do have time to vote on it before the Town Council budget hearings are held on May 23-24.

One other note, while so much was made of the teacher increase and how it was communicated, almost glossed over was the increase amounts of .5% for FY 2012 and 1% for FY 2013. Both of these amounts are now equivalent to the Town contract settlements. If it was revealed what increase the is that would be scheduled beyond FY 2013, I have not been able to locate in my notes. I suspect as they are exploring the interest based bargaining approach to addressing the systemic problem with the steps and lanes that there was agreement beyond FY 2013.

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