Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Live reporting - Action items


1. Resolution 12-32: Order Dedicating Town-Owned Land at 459 Pleasant Street for Use As A Public Playground or Recreation Centre
motion to approve,  passed 8-0 (Roy left early)

if passed we can apply for a $300K grant to build a playground, picnic area, parking, etc.
The DelCarte proposal is coming up Jun 6 which would include the dam repairs and trails, etc.

The amount of people getting there has tripled over his observation

2. Resolution 12-33: Expressing the Sense of the Franklin Town Council in Support of the People’s Rights Amendment
removed from action for this agenda

3. Resolution 12-34: Acceptance of Gift – Town of Franklin Council on Aging
motion to approve,  passed 8-0

4. Bylaw Amendment 12-683: Amendment to Chapter 170, Vehicles and Traffic, §19.B – 1st Reading
motion to move to 2nd reading, passed 8-0

As discussed the Post Office has been coming downtown after closing their Forge Park facility. This provides spaces with a fee to allow for the employees of the Post Office. Others can use it by buying a parking sticker at the Municipal Building. The postal workers would be parking early and reduce exposure to accidents.

5. Bylaw Amendment 12-684:Amendment to Chapter 82, Appendix A, List of Service Fee Rates – 1st Reading
motion to move to 2nd reading, passed 8-0

increase in parking rate from $240 to $360, affects the merchant parking not the commuter parking

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