Saturday, May 19, 2012

Live reporting - Master Plan Public Hearing

Introductory remarks by Jeff Roy

Copy of presentation to be added later

Committee appointed in Jan 2012, plan due in 2013, will provide an interim update to the Town Council
Will recommend monitoring measures to ensure that this plan gets fully incorporated unlike the last master plan which did not get fully incorporated.

Committee has a page on the Franklin website

Committee also has a page on Facebook

Franklin, MA: Beth Dahlstrom, Town planner

Beth Dahlstrom, Town Planner takes over to get into the details of the plan components

One item that needs to be incorporated is the current census data which is just been released and available for analysis. This provides the latest demographic information on who the residents of Franklin are.

Looking for input from the public to help guide and direct the master plan. Use either web site link to provide feedback. The committee is looking to gather input via whatever medium is acceptable. It is more important to gather the input.

The current Franklin mission statement and master plan vision statement are open for discussion. Copies available via links above (and in presentation to be added).

In the presentation copy (to be added) there are sections on each of the subject areas with existing goals and in some cases proposed goals. For example, the Open Space and Recreation plan has been fairly active with work accomplished with the implementation of the Dog Park, the Community Gardens,and  the work on SNETT Trail to highlight a few of the key ones.

On economic development there are separate town-wide and downtown strategies

end of presentation overview

The second part of the meeting continues here

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