Monday, May 14, 2012

“I think it’s fantastic”

“We all have a passion for Ultimate Frisbee, and we didn’t see a reason not to start a team,” Durkin said. 
“(Xaverian Brothers High School) always talked about how they were the state champions, and we thought we could beat them,” Brian Doherty said. “So, why not give it a go?” 
Ultimate Frisbee isn’t quite a sport at Franklin High School, but to get it classified as one of the official extracurricular activities associated with the high school and to become a part of the national organization, USA Ultimate, the boys had to jump through a few hoops. 
They talked to their principal and the school’s athletic director, drafted and distributed concussion forms, found a coach, held no-cut tryouts, collected fees from teammates, raised $2,500 for jerseys and travel expenses, coordinated buses, scheduled games and met with area coaches.

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