Saturday, May 19, 2012

Voices of Franklin: Jim Hill - The People's Rights Amendment

The proposed agenda for the Town Council meeting May 16 was changed to remove the resolution (Res 12-33) referenced. There was discussion on the item but that was all.

You can find the agenda here 

Links to the People's Right website 

and the discussion summary here 

Jim Hill was the second citizens to speak on this topic. Jim provided his comments for publication here after the meeting.

I respectfully disagree that this is a partisan issue. Senators McCain (republican) and Feingold (democrat) introduced legislation (the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act also known McCain-Feingold) to reverse the effects of Citizens United but corporate lobbyists got involved and the legislation was blocked. John McCain was later quoted in reference to lobbyists that he’d rather be doing something else but “This is the water we swim in.”

The Supreme Court Decision in favor of Citizens United v the Federal Election Commission gave “artificial entities” the same 1st amendment free speech rights as living, breathing people. As a result corporations have an unlimited right to pour millions into political campaigns through superpacs. Not only can American corporations influence political outcomes but also international conglomerates. I don’t want corporations and foreigners controlling political outcomes. How un-America is that! This is not what our forefathers had in mind. The constitution was written to protect the rights of living, breathing persons, not corporations. Please pass ”The people’s Rights Amendment Resolution” to protect the people’s first amendment rights. I would be proud of my Town of Franklin if you vote in support of this. Thank you.

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