Monday, July 23, 2012

Schools website changes underway

Franklin upgraded its website a couple of years ago and at the time, the School Dept did not follow to the new software. This summer a transition appears to be underway to a new website design. This seems to be the same package as the 'virtual town hall' that the town portion of the website is using.

The top level page is currently showing the School Committee although when you follow a link to the "District" that is where you end up. This will likely get resolved as work progresses. The School Committee subcommittee page is updated with a description of each subcommittee and the members.

The District Profile link will bring you to the official MA DOE ESE page for Franklin. The School Committee Members page is complete. Following the link to the individual school pages still brings you to the old pages. Word of caution: there are still some broken links (i.e. links that take you to pages that error out) but it is summer time and the work is underway!

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