Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Candy is not banned, can't be thrown!

Candy is not banned from the Franklin 4th of July parade. It can be handed out. It can not be thrown. Did you miss the candy incident? It was mentioned in two "letters to the editor" published by the Milford Daily News here and here.

Jeff Nutting clarified with this note:
Apparently thowing candy to kids watching the pararde has not been allowed for some time. In the past young kids would run out into the street which caused safety concerns as well as delays in the parade. The folks that run the parade ( warren revelle) explained to all the participants about this policy. Apparently one person did not get the message and was ask to stop by the police.
And Jeff also sent along this email from Warren Revill representing the July 4th Coalition Parade Committee
For years now, the "no throwing candy" in the Franklin 4th July parade has been the rule ever since a young boy in New Hampshire slid under a float chasing candy and was killed. To avoid this and similar tragedies , the rule was put into effect. 
Participants are advised of this and other rules when they register, however the Callahans did not register this year, they just showed up. 
It's hard at" Staging Area" to review all the rules with everyone, especially when the participants are out of sight of parade management, they do what they want (i.e. throw candy). 
The Franklin Police did what was asked of them by enforcing that rule and seeing to they safety of the public. Sometimes one has to sound forceful to make people understand rules. (and be heard above the Parade noise.) 
We applaud the Franklin Police for all they do during the 4th of July Celebration (and the rest of the year). 
The "no throwing candy" rule will not change. The safety of the public and participants is our major concern, not candy! 
Franklin July 4th Coalition
Parade Committee
Warren Revell
Mike Kelly


  1. Great article and so true. Some people feel above the law and believe they have a right to do something others can't. Thank you for the no throwing candy policy...Safety First!

  2. There were multiple vehicles throwing candy including some fire engines.I counted at least 9. Kids were running into the street and it is a dangerous situation.