Monday, October 8, 2012

Next step on the rail trail

The Milford Daily News is reporting that AM DCR grants are enabling improvements to the SNETT trail.
“We see our goals as really advocating for the trail, looking for new grants, building awareness, and working with (the state) on its overall development,” said Marc Kaplan, chairman of Franklin and Bellingham Rail Trail Committee. 
Kaplan said that something as simple as putting up gates goes a long way toward furthering those goals. 
“Gates aren’t the flashiest items, but they really are the foundation,” he said. “You have to have those gates, so you can level and clear and really cultivate the trail. If you don’t have the gates, you can’t really make the necessary improvements inside the gates. It’s a small start — a modest start.”

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Take a walk on the trail this Saturday with Ron Clough from the MA DCR. Information and the link to register (for free) can be found here

For additional information on rail trails that are completed or in the planning stages in MA, the Assabet River Rail Trail website maintains a good map section

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