Monday, October 8, 2012

Register to save for Education at Big Y

In September, I wrote to remind those who visit Stop & Shop for their food shopping to register their frequent buyer or savings card with one or more Franklin schools.

The Big Y also offers a donation to your local school by registering your savings card. Big Y as part of their opening promotion is adding a Silver coin to those who accumulate more than $1,000 spending at the store between Oct 4 and Dec 31 2012.

The registration is simple. Go to the Big Y webpage

You can link your savings card to a school. The selection defaults to CT schools, simply scroll down to find your Franklin school. Or you can start typing in your school name (for example, "Oak") and the page will return the results (in this case those containing "Oak").

Note: Shaw's also has a program based upon Box Tops that also earns cash for local schools

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