Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tour three schools in one night

You can get an inside view of Franklin schools tonight with a tour of the Horace Mann, Oak St and ECDC complex that starts at 6:00 PM. I think this among all the scheduled tours should be the one single tour you make an effort to attend. I happen to believe that this tour can reveal the real secret to Franklin's successful school program.

Gee Steve, that is a bold statement!

Yes, it is. I don't usually step out so far but in this case I am not alone in the belief that early childhood education is what drives success in life. A recent podcast (or radio show) from NPR's Planet Money talked about this.

Episode #411 - Why preschool can save the World

Two studies are referenced in this show that confirm gains made by students enrolled in preschool created an advantage for those students compared to the control group that lasted for years. Impressive  results.

Maybe you'll take the tour tonight? You'll be able to see what Franklin does in the classrooms for early childhood education, elementary and middle school all on the same tour!

Note: I will only be a participant tonight,the School Administration, School Committee members and building principals are the tour guides. I do hope to stop by to see Mrs Sherlock's room at Oak St.

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