Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Annual Report 2012: Franklin Town Council

On behalf of the Franklin Town Council, it is my pleasure to submit our annual report to the Citizens of Franklin for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012.

We ended the year on a positive note and passed a balanced budget that included no layoffs for the first time in several years. In March the Citizens approved a Debt Exclusion vote for a new model High School.

We have had a busy year and accomplished a lot with help from you, the citizens.

The Long Range Financial Planning Committee has submitted their final report that was accepted by the Council. The Recycling Committee gave their final report to the Council in June and gave the Town good marks for their recycling efforts. The Council thanks both of these hard working committees for their volunteer efforts.

The Franklin Garden Club works hard to keep the Common and the downtown looking spectacular and the Concerts on the Common Committee brings you phenomenal entertainment on Wednesday nights during the summer months. These two committees work tirelessly for no recognition. The Council thanks them for their efforts.

This year the Council created the Master Plan Committee to look at the Master Plan that was last adopted in 1997. This new Master Plan Committee has been given 18 months to develop an action plan of goals and objectives for the Planning Board and Town Council and identify key issues with an eye towards Franklin’s future.

Also created was the Citizens Committee to provide valuable input to the Council on issues such as improving the quality of life of Franklin’s citizens, improving citizen participation, evaluating the permitting process and business development as a revenue stream.

The Council adopted Remote Participation as they explored ways to remain ever vigilant to represent the citizens while individuals were out of town. Remote Participation allows a Councilor who is out of town to phone into a council meeting and participate via a dedicated line. The Councilor can speak and be heard and
hear as if they were in the room. It is limited to one member per meeting. It has been used a number of times and has worked well.

As you can see, Franklin’s government relies heavily on its volunteers. Franklin is your town and this is your government, it needs your input whether serving on a committee, weeding a garden, planning a concert, or serving in an elected position.

In closing, you can be assured that you have dedicated, competent, and professional individuals working and volunteering their time on your behalf.

I want to thank our Town Administrator, Jeff Nutting, for his dedication and service and all of the Town employees who go to work every day and help to make this community a great place to live and work.

On behalf of my fellow councilors, Andy Bissanti, Bob Dellorco, Glenn Jones, Matt Kelly, Tom Mercer, Judy Pfeffer, Tina Powderly, and Jeff Roy, I want to thank you for the opportunity you have given us to serve this great community.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Vallee
Chairman, Franklin Town Council

From the Town clerk page on annual reports. This comes from the 2012 report

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