Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Live reporting - Snow removal process

Brutus Cantoreggi, Director Public Works and Carlos Rebelo, Highway Superintendent delivered this presentation and answered questions.

Note: the presentation doc was added after the meeting

Budgeted for $378 for this year

$277K spent thus far

salt distributed at 100%

Cost of salt has varied over the years

Sand is a problem when mixed with the salt as it affects our storm water
$80 a ton to get rid of, exceeds the DEP standards for MA

salt as a component is in our water system

5 truck route vs. 'treating the whole town'
$6,810 vs. 23,400

35 pieces of equipment on the road
DPW workers cost $1237.50 per hour  vs contractors at $7450.00

The goal slide is important

aggressive goal to have roads ready 4 hours after snow fall ends!

6" snow = $100K

Reimbursement of $40 for mailbox

Kelly - you don't live in town so how do you find out how to plow the streets
Cantorregi - we have a relationship with the Police, they are on the roads, they'll let us know. I do live in Millis but only 6 miles away. I could live in Franklin and live farther from the office

Kelly - how did you do the switch during the last storm
Cantorregi - sanding trucks are also plows, they tend to come back to refill anyway, they also started out, came back to switch to the plows and while the snow came down a couple of inches in the hour, the trucks went to plow also hitting the road with every other person trying to go somewhere

Dellorco - it took me 20 minutes to get
Cantorregi - we didn't scrap, we salted, it was snow to ice to rain

Dellorco - is there any reason the other towns are better than we are
Cantorregi - I got be honest, i have never heard that others are better than us. I do err on the side of caution when it comes to spending money. I work with the Police, I work with the Schools. We can set different standard, MassDOT has a higher standard. Will no one ever have an accident, no. One accident is too many

Mercer - do you change a priority when schools are going to be open?
Cantorregi - no, our priority is the priority, with school is out, then that is huge for us as it takes so many off the roads

Bissanti - is that typical for how others work?
Cantorregi - yes, 

Nutting - we have a narrow window of opportunity to make a decision, that is the worse time for us to make a decision

Sabolinksi - yes, there is collaboration among the surrounding towns, the last storm the only one delayed was Bellingham. When we spoke there wasn't a lot of snow. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get the message out, the buses are rolling at 6:00 AM. I was driving around to see for myself what the status was. Regionally we all came to the same decision.

Bissanti - how do you feel it being your call?
Sabolinski - the decision for delaying school has an economically impact on our families. You want to weigh safety but you also need to consider the costs, it can extend the school year.

Dellorco - you shouldn't have to drive around?
Sabolinski - we have to get in 180 days before the end of the fiscal year, if we get short, we have to look at other options, i.e spring vacation.

Bissanti - a delay is not canceling school?
Sabolinski - no, a delay is not canceling school.

Cantorregi - we wait until there is moisture on the road so when we put the salt out, the snow helps to hold it down. If we use snow blowers, it can pick up a newspaper and clear the shear pin

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