Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Live reporting - Treasurer/Collector

Jim Dacey, Treasurer Collector
overview of the duties of the office
showed the ledger used in 1877 and used in 2000 when he first came into the office

(will post presentation copy later)

lock box implemented in 2003
online bill pay started in 2009
collection rate over 99% consistently

electronic bill pay hopefully within the next several months, potential postage savings

multiple retirements coming over the next 5 years
opportunities for new staff
currently, a resident of Franklin and 18 years old is minimum requirement to win the election
time to put the measure on the ballot again in November to move it to an appointed position

"the position is really too important for politics"

Moddy's rating comes every year, important to have a strong team, helps the bond ratings

Jeff Nutting adds that Jim left out the transition to an electronic payment for all the employees, moved from a paper weekly system to an every two week, electronic deposit, web based payroll statement

Powderly - this doesn't question the integrity of any voter, it recognizes the specific tasks that are required

Cerel - as long it has been at least a year, it can come back to vote, it is considered a minor change, the council can take the vote to propose it, would go to the Attorney General for review and then to the ballot

Dellorco - who would appoint and approve?
Nutting - If we were consistent with other positions, I would say appoint by Town Administrator and review by Town Council. The Council can decide how to put it together on the ballot but it needs to be defined.

Bissanti - Do folks really check out the resumes of the candidates?
Dacey - I can't speak for all the voters, some do, based upon some of the comments I think the prior vote was misunderstood. This isn't about appointing me as the Treasurer/Collector, it is about appointing the next person.

Roy - one of the other things you didn't mention, you provided some input to the new Representative on some bills, I wan to publicly thank you for that

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