Thursday, January 24, 2013

Town Council - 01/23/13

The Town Council meeting on Wednesday, Jan 23 took about 90 minutes to cover the scheduled agenda. They approved the first phase of the capital plan for FY 2013. They added a license for hotels to serve liquor so that existing hotels here in Franklin can do so. The received an update on the snow plowing plan and priorities and had some discussion around the experience some councilors have had in comparison with other communities.

Treasurer/Collector Jim Dacey made a pitch for putting the Treasurer/Collector position back before the voters to have it an appointed position rather than via election (as it is today). He said: "this is not about appointing me for the next term, this is about appointing the next person to this position."

Franklin Treasurer/Collector tools over the years

In this picture, the ledger (small black book on top) is one used in 1877 by the Treasure of Franklin at that time. The larger book (with the red binding) was used by Jim Dacey during 2000 before he switched to Excel spreadsheets. The laptop (on the bottom) is the current tool for the Treasurer as it provides access to the Excel spreadsheets and to the online software used to report Franklin's finances to MA and the IRS

The presentation documents for both the Snow Plan and the Treasurer/Collector will be added as soon as they are available

The details from the meeting can be found in the links below by section of the agenda.

The DPW Presentation document was added to the Snow Removal Process link and also posted here

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