Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Live reporting - Legislation

1. Resolution 13-01: Appropriation – Capital FY 13 
motion to approve $1.5M from free cash to the capital improvement
passed 9-0

Nutting - taking this is phases to cautiously approach the budget situation overall
these are matters of replacing vehicles and fixing roads
$24K taken off from the Library as the Friends of the Library offered to donate that

Powderly - no text books?
Sabolinski - no, due to the changes at the state level, the text book companies haven't quite caught up to what the standards are so we weren't ready to invest in that now. There are a lot of changes coming, all new science standards coming next year. We want to wait and see

2. Resolution 13-02: Appropriation – Sewer Enterprise Capital FY 13 
motion to approve, passed 9-0
big item here is to replace the pump filters to keep the swifters out of the works

3. Resolution 13-03: Appropriation – Water Enterprise Capital FY 13 
motion to approve, passed 9-0
replacement of generators at pump stations, part of a regular replacement process

4. Resolution 13-04: Appropriation – Water Enterprise Water Lines FY 13 
motion to approve, passed 9-0
continues the successful program, Brook to Daniels, Lewis St, and we are trying to figure out of we can get the rest of the neighborhood at the same time
the streets all have low ratings, all have old pipes, this is our best estimate of marrying the water work with the road surface work

5. Bylaw Amendment 13-699:Amendment of Service Fee Rates: Administration- 2nd Reading 
motion to approve, passed 9-0
addition of the inn holder all liquor license fee, $3,000
we currently don't have this and at the request of our hotels, vote via roll call, unanimous

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