Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chalk walk on the SNETT (photo essay)

Helen and Harriet Chalk took a walk on the SNETT trail this past weekend and sent in this photo essay. My thanks to the Chalk's for sharing their fun time on the SNETT.

the perfect day for a walk on the Franklin stretch of the SNETT

SNETT in Franklin

We decided to explore some of the smaller trails leading from the SNETT

exploring a side trail

The perfect trail for adventurous preschoolers!

up and down the trail

Just the bridge for a game of 'Pooh sticks'. Every family member finds a small stick, drops it in the water and watches the sticks race down the stream. First stick to reach the finish line of your choice wins.

Pooh sticks bridge

Beauty and tranquility on our doorstep...

fresh water stream

Examine nature close up...

checking out nature up close

Practice your writing skills....

a good place to practice writing

Take your kids outside this April vacation week and boldly explore our beautiful surroundings here in Franklin!

the excitement of the trail

Where is the SNETT Trail?
Off Grove St in Franklin

View Larger Map

To find out more about the efforts of the Franklin Bellingham Rail Trail Committee, visit their website

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