Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"it's almost like the innocence is gone”

Local runners shared their experiences of the Marathon on Monday with the Milford Daily News:
Kimberly Austin, 39, of Franklin, was on Hereford Street heading toward Boylston Street when she heard the first explosion. 
“As I ran down Boylston, I made it to the 26 mile marker when I heard and saw the second explosion, and there was still the smoke from the first,” Austin wrote in an e-mail. “The police ran in and made all of the runners stop and everyone, including spectators on Boylston, turned around and moved out.” 
Austin is still rattled from Monday, but said that her family and running teammates are all fine. 
“It was a horrific and chaotic scene - the worst experience I have ever witnessed,” she said.  

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