Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Reads: keeping pace, Keller science


Running is like anything else in life: you have to pace yourself. For a runner, this is the most critical skill that one can learn.  Without a proper pace, the initial excitement, adrenaline and crowd surge of a race will give way to heavy limbs, clumsy feet and whole body exhaustion, among other more dangerous things.  And with today being the 117th anniversary of the Boston Marathon, on no day is this counsel more appropriate.

Keller Elementary School Science Night

A wonderful series of hands-on science nights are held each year at the Keller Elementary School in Franklin, MA.  Sponsored by the Keller Parent Communication Council (PCC) and staffed by volunteer PCC members, the Science Nights show how hard the PCC works to augment the curriculum at Keller Elementary.  The Keller PCC makes a real difference in the lives of Keller students!

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