Saturday, April 20, 2013

Looking back to get ahead

April vacation brought a quiet week on the news front within Franklin. This was a good thing in a way as the Boston Marathon bombing and hunt for the suspects has dominated the attention. With the second suspect in custody after a long day, the rain has come, perhaps to help the cleansing process. We can begin to return to the new 'normal', whatever that will be, it will be different.

In lieu of sending you to any of the news on the marathon bombers, let's take a few minutes to look back into the archives. What was happening on April 20th last year and each year prior that this site has been sharing news on Franklin matters?

In 2012
The FY 2013 budget documents were published

In 2011
The fire investigation of the old Masonic Temple was reported on

In 2010
Photos of the raised garden beds that were installed at the Senior Center, ECDC and Charter School for Earth Day (yes, these were installed and a year later the Community Garden opened).

In 2009
The MDN reported on information from the Town Council meeting the week before. The MDN reporter at the time was Joyce Kelly and we have had several others since then. I guess even though the reporters change the newspaper process has not.

In 2008
The answer to the "Where in Franklin?" picture was revealed.

Can't go back any further as this site actually started in Nov 2007. If I was publishing anything on Franklin in April of 2007, it was on my personal webpage Steve's 2 Cents. Checking there I actually skipped posting on Apr 20 but did post the Override Collection on Apr 18. This collection had all the information for the override vote in 2007 which remains as the only operational override Franklin has successfully passed.

The April showers today will bring the green grass and May flowers.

spring flowers
spring flowers
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