Monday, June 10, 2013

Mount St Mary's - solar farm

The sisters of Mount St Mary's Abbey installed a wind turbine a couple of years ago. It helps to power their candy store operations.

You can purchase their candy on site or via their web store

Mt St Mary's Abbey - wind turbine
The wind turbine in action as captured in a 2010 video

Recently they signed an agreement with the Town of Franklin to install a solar farm. The Town Council voted in November 2012 to approve the deal.

Mt St Mary's Abbey - solar farm

I stopped by on Sunday to grab these photos of the construction underway for this solar farm.

Mt St Mary's Abbey - solar farm 2

The frames are sturdy and follow the contour of the ground.  Completely installed the farm is reported to generate 6 megawatts of electricity.

Mt St Mary's Abbey - solar farm 3

The galvanized steel (?) is shining in the sunlight. When the panels are installed the sunlight will be generating electricity.

Mt St Mary's Abbey - solar farm 4

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