Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yes, there are bricks!

This is the way we lay the bricks
To make the walls strong and thick
This is the way we lay the bricks
All day long.

Maybe the construction folks are not singing this nursery rhyme but the first bricks are being laid along the back right corner of the new high school.

first bricks - Franklin High School

I stopped by on Sunday to grab these photos (making hay while the sun shines) to catch up on the progress.

first bricks - close view
I can imagine what it might be like to work the brick.

back wall - blue, yellow, steel
The back wall shows the stages of the construction

bricks - side view
It would be interesting to watch to see how the platform moves and how the supports are adjusted as the bricks rise up the wall.

stair well and interior view
With floors and ceilings roughed in, there are lights now. I wonder how it looks at night. The darkness and just the individual lights.

front corner
As quiet as this place is on a Sunday, I can also imagine it must be pretty busy during the normal working day.

front panorama - Franklin High School
The building is impressive in its skeleton shell. Stay tuned for more photos next month as we mark the progress on the new high school.

Full text for This is way we lay the bricks

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