Sunday, June 9, 2013

Open for business

The Silver Maple Common on King St, near exit 16 for i495 has three of the five business locations now vacant.  The drive through bank was occupied by TD Bank and they left a couple of years ago. The liquor store sold their business and liquor license to Pour Richard's who opened on 14 Grove St. Frankly, not a great location as it is somewhat out of the way but the facility is larger and they are making a good effort to attract the business they want.

3 open locations
Philip DePalma Salon and Day Spa just moved a couple of weeks ago to a new professional office on West Central St, between the 99 Restaurant and BJ's Warehouse.

new location for Philip DePalma

"Location, location, location" is the old adage applied to business. You need to be located conveniently. Dunkin Donuts is doing well in this location as it is right at the highway and unless you decide to go into the store, easy enough to go through the drive-through. The Dry Clean Pro operation seems to be doing well. It is located conveniently for me to drop my things off on the way to work. We just received a flyer for Lapels which is opening their dry cleaning business in the plaza with Elizabeth's Bagels on RT 140. That is a high traffic zone on RT 140 and should do well.

As most businesses know (or should know) location is only the first step with the customer. The business still needs to deliver their product or service reasonably priced in a manner to bring the customers back again and again. Failure to do so will have the customers voting with their their dollars elsewhere.

site view of 3 open locations
I think is good that there is movement of businesses within Franklin. The spaces now open at the Silver Maple Common will be taken eventually by someone where that location and arrangement will be good for their use.

BTW - if you are looking for a reason to visit Pour Richard's, they are holding their first "Pennywise" fund raiser today to benefit The One Fund from 2:00 to 5:00 PM. Additional details can be found here

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