Monday, June 10, 2013

Seven Years STRONG

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Hey Steve 

This month, my "baby" is celebrating its 7th anniversary! I know....time flies! It would be an understatement to say that it was a lot of hard work to made Shades IN Place come this far. Looking back, I decided to list the seven biggest reasons that I believe have helped the most in keeping us alive. Just a side note: there is absolutely no order of importance and all the reasons somewhat interconnect to one another.

HAVING FUN - I enjoy meeting new people and learning about how they live, their culture and how each individual sees their lives. I meet some very wealthy and bright minds and it fascinates me when I am able to provide a solution for them. It puts a smile on my face.

GOING THE EXTRA SEVERAL MILES - Because I was a long haul truck driver in the past, to me, no job is too far. If my clients like my work so much that they trust me working on their vacation homes, why would I say no? For those "far away jobs" I bring Ana along for the ride and buy her a nice dinner at the end of the day.  At this point I have completed work in all six New England states plus NY.

BILLBOARD ON WHEELS - if you don't promote your business how people will know about it? To me, every moment is an opportunity. I even got a nice job because the girl at the bakery shop saw my shirt and said: "Oh, you do curtains? Please call my friend." The "friend" was a nice high end contractor...go figure! 

NEVER STOP LEARNING - I was called on a job in Boston for some hard to reach windows a few years back. The guy showed me the windows and what he wanted. Then I said "Sure, I can do it".  He said "NO, YOU CAN'T!"  And he followed "there were four companies before you and they all said no!"  Well, because I keep myself on top of the industry, I was able to provide a solution for his challenging windows.

SUPPORT FROM ANA - If you are married you know.... no man can work 15 - 18 hour days for too long without getting complaints from the wife. But my wife Ana is unique and she was aware that she was marring a workaholic guy. Ok, I admit, she is slowly changing me. I now "only" work 14 hours day max.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION DRIVEN - My motto is "if you are happy, I am happy." And I also live by the principle of "treat people the way you would like to be treated." I am so shocked when people thank me for returning their call - it's my obligation to at least let you know if I can help you or not.

LOVE CHALLENGES - this is my favorite!

The harder, the more complicated the tallest the better...Some professionals like to make money the easy way. I, on the other hand, must be an exception because I LOVE the challenges and to solve problems other companies avoid confronting. Three years ago, one of my competitors called asking if I was interested in doing a job on behalf of his company. He said that none of his installers could do the job. Well, I did. Imagine that - even my competitors HIRE me!

Thanks again for supporting Shades IN Place, Ana and me!

Seven candle  

Now, if you want a piece of the birthday cake too you must be the SEVENTH person to call 508-520-6700 and sing "Happy Birthday". Ok...ok...if you are shy like me, you can email me your congratulations. It will count as well.

See you again in seven years...
Oh, wait! No, see you next month! 
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