Thursday, June 20, 2013

Should Franklin Have a Mayor?

Among the many items discussed in the often tense Town Council meeting Weds, they did decide to put forward the non-binding question.
According to the resolution approved by the council, the question will read: "Would you be in favor of further amending the Franklin Home Rule Charter to provide for the election of a mayor to govern the city known as the town of Franklin?" 
There will be a note on the ballot specifying the referendum is non-binding. 
"I’m always in favor of a non-binding question to get a feeling of what citizens want," said Vice Chairwoman Tina Powderly. 
The council has debated the question since last month. Chairman Robert Vallee proposed the referendum at the council’s May 10 meeting, saying he would like to see where residents stand on the issue. Over the years, he has said, many have suggested to him that the town and its citizens would benefit from having a mayor in power.

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To get a sense of whether this proposal is desired or not, I have set up a poll question with a yes or no answer and will leave it open until July 1. You can view the poll on the top right corner of the home page for Franklin Matters.

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