Thursday, September 12, 2013

Liquor license suspensions to be served

The Village Mall Liquor Store near Stop & Shop will be closed on Friday, Sep 13th to serve its one day liquor license suspension. 2 additional days suspension will be held in abeyance for two years as this is their first violation.

Ichigo Ichie, the Japanese themed restaurant will be open for business but unable to serve liquor from Sep 20 through Sep 24 as currently scheduled. This is their second offense and they have only been open for 2 years. The second offense usually is 3 days suspension with 2 held in abeyance for two years. As this is their second offense in two years, the 2 days held in abeyance from last year apply here to make it a 5 days suspension of liquor sales. They have a food license which is not affected this, they can remain open and serve food and drink as long as the drinks are NOT alcohol.

Bob Dean, was recognized for his work in multiple capacities over the years for Franklin.

Several zoning bylaw changes were referred to the Planning Board for action. Assuming the Planning Board approves, they'll come back to the Council for 2 hearings before the final vote.

Jeff Nutting's contract was renewed for 5 years.

Additional details from the full Town Council meeting can be found in these links

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