Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Citizen's Committee scope creep?

The Town Council meeting scheduled for Weds Sep 11th has an item to add the responsibility for watching over the condition of the Franklin/Dean Train Station to the Citizens Committee

WHEREAS, the Citizen Committee was created by the Town Council to allow for participation by the citizens to provide valuable input in critical areas; and 
WHEREAS, the Citizen Committee has expressed concern with the current condition of the Downtown train station where the train station is a gateway to our community. 
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Town Council of the Town of Franklin requests the Citizen Committee and Town Administrator investigate what steps are needed to ensure that the station and the surrounding parking lot are kept in good repair. 
This resolution shall become effective according to the provisions of the Town of Franklin Home Rule Charter.

I don't follow this one.

Milford Daily News had an article in August where the Chair of the Citizens Committee referred to the work being done on the station as it "looks like the South Bronx".

The work was completed and now the train station looks pretty good

new roof on the downtown train station

new roof, copper trim, on the recently repair train station

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