Thursday, September 12, 2013

"We take responsibility for what happened that night"

The two liquor license hearings were conducted during the Town Council meeting on Weds. Village Mall Liquors has their license suspended for one day and they will close this Friday, Sep 13 to serve their penalty.

Ichigo Ichie will serve their 5 day penalty beginning Fri Sep 20th.They will be allowed to serve liquor again on Wednesday Sep 25.
Semerjian recommended a five-day suspension, which includes two days that were put aside from the restaurant’s first violation in July 2012. Typically, he noted, second offenders receive a three-day suspension with two put on hold for two years unless there is another incident. 
The restaurant requested a lighter sentence, however, saying the suspension hurts business. Since June, Brazilian said, Cheng has spent about $20,000 on preventing further violations, such as purchasing an electronic ID scanner.\ 
Councilors commended those efforts. But the stiffer penalty, they all agreed, should stand.

Ichigo Ichie may appeal their suspension contending the mitigating circumstance as reported but it is their second violation in the two years they have operated.

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