Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"they are beautiful and touching and even funny"

The wedding gown exhibit at the Historical Museum is open through Sunday, Sep 8, 2013
Earlier this summer volunteers with the Franklin Historical Commission helped repair wedding dresses for the display. Among them were Colette Ferguson and Connie Lawson, who do most of the work with textiles that go on exhibit at the museum. The volunteers sewed, mended, carefully ironed and dressed mannequins with the gowns, as well as did research in preparation for the exhibit. 
"We have had some challenges with the dresses. We want them to look their best, so ironing is the least amount of preparation we do," said Historical Commission member Mary Olsson. "Our oldest dress from the 1890's is very delicate and has to be handled with extreme care. A few dresses have needed some mending, but most have been kept in very good condition. In some cases the head pieces needed a bit of mending and tulle added to enhance damaged veils."
Read more about the exhibit at the Milford Daily News

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