Monday, September 2, 2013

"it really does make sense to serve that population"

One of the Town Council agenda items for this week's meeting is to add a part time position at the Senior center. Currently, Bob Fahey, the Veterans agent also serves as the outreach coordinator. The new position would allow Bob to focus all his attention to the veterans.
"You could see it over the years," Nutting said, adding, "In 10 years, our senior population has continued to expand … so we are having (to assist) a growing number of seniors and veterans." 
Alves has asked to hire someone to work 19 hours a week. "It will help immensely," said Fahey. "It separates one component of my job so I can place more attention on veteran affairs." 
The person will not only provide outreach to elderly, but also to non-elderly residents.

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For the documents and full agenda for the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, check this link

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