Sunday, September 1, 2013

“We don’t shut down during the summer”

Milford Daily News reports on the activities on campus during the summer for schools like Framingham State and Dean College.
“The summer’s a busy time on college campuses,” said Dave Drucker, dean of students at Franklin’s Dean College. 
At Dean, freshman orientations begin in June. The college holds four separate sessions for students and parents. 
“We really orientate our students to what life is going to be like at Dean,” Drucker said. “We work very closely with the families about what that transition will be like for students. We try to forge a partnership to work with them through the first year to commencement.”

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One change Dean made on their campus this summer was the addition of wrought iron fencing in places where it didn't already exist to complete the look.

new wrought iron fencing at Dean College
new wrought iron fencing at Dean College

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