Monday, October 14, 2013

Fire Dept - Open House (photo essay)

The Fire Dept held its annual Open House on Sunday at Station #2 on King St. I stopped by just before noon and Chief Gary McCarragher said that it had been real busy since it first opened at 10:00 AM.

The Fire Dept has an equipment rotation practice where a vehicle will serve on the front line for some number of years and then move to a 'reserve' status. In reserve status it is put into service if repairs are needed on the front line equipment. This enables the Fire Dept to maintain a high level of service at all times.

Franklin Rescue 1
The quarterly performance report for the Fire Dept is available on their webpage. The most recent can be found here

Prior quarter reports can be found here

Franklin Engine 2

A complete set of pictures of the two fire stations and all the equipment the Fire Dept has please visit their webpage here

Equipment lined up in front of Station #2

This vehicle is currently targeted for replacement and the vote is scheduled for the Town Council meeting this Wednesday, Oct 16th. You can view the full agenda for the Town Council meeting here

Franklin Rescue 3

Some of the tools of the trade are laid out for display.

some of the tools of the trade
Thanks to the Chief and all the members of the Fire Dept for their hard work and attention to detail in keeping Franklin safe!

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