Thursday, October 17, 2013

In the News: Cook's Farm, Ichigo Ichie

The Milford Daily News reports on the Cook's Farm zoning bylaws that passed by a 6-1 vote on Wednesday. Two councilors recused themselves from the topic (Bissanti and Mercer). The 'no' vote remained with Councilor Powderly. The one changed vote from the prior meeting was Councilor Jones.

Opponents of the project had said they believe it runs contrary to the development goals laid out in the updated master plan. However, Master Plan Committee Chairman Jeffrey Roy said that the project actually promotes many of the plan’s aims. 
"(The project) indeed falls neatly under what we laid out for the town of Franklin," Roy said. "This will provide a very wonderful economic development opportunity."

In the public hearing before the Cook's Farm vote, the Town Council heard a new proposal for the liquor violation at Ichigo Ichie and the back story on how miss-communication had contributed to the issue.
Cerel suggested a four-day suspension with four days put aside for two years unless another offense should occur. If given the lighter sentence, Brazilian said that the restaurant would withdraw its appeal. 
The council accepted the new suspension, ruling that the restaurant will not be able to serve alcohol from Friday to Monday.

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