Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Live reporting - Closing

House citations for Robert Dellorco and Tina Powderly in recognition for their service to Franklin

Thanks to the Fire Dept for the Open House

Ballot question is available, for Treasurer/Collector position

Mobile app - can be downloaded

Thanks for the last couple of year, whether the big legacy of the high school, DelCarte, Senior Center, you did good work, can take one of the presentation boards for the high school

Vallee - regarding Cottage St lot
Nutting - I did send email and haven't heard from them

Vallee - the problem with the fees at the recycling center
Nutting- we'll put that on a future agenda

Pfeffer - liquor violations, maybe we should adopt recommendations or a standard in practice

Bissanti - what are we doing with the abandoned properties?

Vallee - what are the contracts for construction hours for the spring,  M-F business hours, the fixed schedule will be known in Spring
Nutting - we don't have any control over the contract, we don't have control over the hours, the State can. We can invite a lot of folks to the meeting

Mercer - anything we can share with the community on the traffic flow, the traffic will be chaos mostly
Nutting - this will be on the council Nov 13th

They might be too large to post but we can share pieces of them

Roy - thanks to all for the opportunity to serve, 4 superintendents, what a great opportunity to be part of such a great team. We may not have always agreed with the issue but we took on the role and worked it out.

Bissanti - fond farewell to Jeff and the others not returning. A great synergy. Hopefully I'll make it back and look forward to a great new council

Jones - thanks to Tina, Bob and Jeff. It has been wonderful to see how we have worked and accomplished together

Pfeffer - does sound something like an obituary, you can realize how much it is a bit harder than just sitting here

Vallee - thank you

Powderly - it has been an honor to work with all great folks, the staff are hardworking, schools need teachers back, some have been public some have been quite, it has been an honor

Kelly - The app is great, we'll fix the potholes in Medway just once . It has been enjoyable sitting next to them and I'll miss them.

Dellorco - thank the community for the honor, we had some arguments but we worked it out, we got alot accomplished. Fire, Police, DPW you do a great job. You better work together or I'll be back in a couple of years

Mercer - thanks for your years of service, you'll be missed

– Negotiations, Litigation, Real Property, as May Be Required

motion to adjourn, passed 9-0

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