Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Live reporting - Legislation


Economic Development exploring options for the old municipal building, invited Dean College, the Downtown Partnership and others to share their ideas.

1. Resolution 13-70: Acceptance of Easement for Public Sidewalk on Property at 411 West Central Street
side walk for the new high school (and the Sculpture Park)
sidewalk to be constructed next year
motion to approve, 9-0

2. Resolution 13-71: Adoption of FY 2014 Budget - Amended
motion to move resolution, passed 9-0
sale of bonds for the high school, we received a premium for the sale of the bonds
would be applied to savings for the tax payer, approx $38 savings
mostly book keeping

Roy - are you telling me at my last meeting, I can reduce tax payers bills

3. Resolution 13-72: Authorization to Appropriate Premium
motion to approve, passed 9-0
the bonds were sold in July and the money changed hands on August 15th 2013

4. Resolution 13-73:Transfer from Water Enterprise and Rescind Borrowing Authority (Resolution No. 10-66 Appropriation Funding Sources)
motion to waive the reading, seconded, passed 9-0
juggling the accounting, pay down this bond, releases another 7.5M bond for next council to make a decision on next year

5. Resolution 13-74: Appropriation: Chapter 90 Fund
motion to approve, passed 9-0

6. Resolution 13-75: Appropriation: Administration GASB 45 Actuary Study
motion to approve, passed 9-0
periodic re-analysis of the GASB outstanding obligation

7. Resolution 13-76: Appropriation: FY 2014 School Department Budget
motion to approve, passed 9-0
addition of $30,000 to School Dept budget for technology needs and transition to the new high school
Mercer - I support this
Kelly - is this temp or permanent?
Nutting - permanent, would be in their budget next year

8. Resolution 13-77: Appropriation: FY 2014 Fire Department Expenses
motion to approve, passed 9-0
$28,000 to cover ambulance billing
result of an audit finding to better maintain the receipts, cost of an outside service is this amount
Cheif Gary McCarragher, initial discussion had been for them to hold back their billing rather than invoicing us, that is not the case, we do need to cover the invoices

9. Resolution 13-78: Appropriation: Ambulance Purchase FY 2014
motion to approve, passed 9-0
6 year life on ambulances, seven month lead time, still investigating for a better deal, if we get it we'll spend less

10. Resolution 13-79: Appropriation: Roads/sidewalks/drainage/stormwater/and infrastructure, and all costs incidental and related thereto
motion to approve, passed 9-0
the Capital Subcommittee did endorse the ambulance and does endorse this amount. We would like to do more but this is a start
Nutting - the DPW can come back in the spring with a plan on how this will be spent
Jones - what is the scuttlebutt on the relase of the fund?
Roy - the Legislature approved the funds the Governor has not released them, you can call and see what he says

11. Resolution 13-80: Appropriation: Senior Center Stabilization Fund
motion to approve, passed 9-0
$125,000 - this would make it $475,000
first thing to do would be to knock down the house and do the parking lot, then in 2016 do the second floor assuming all goes well

12. Resolution 13-81: Appropriation: Operating Budget Stabilization Fund
motion to approve, passed 9-0
$300,000 - this would be added to the current amount of $1M
plan on an increase of 10% increase in pension every year
the councilor that have chosen not to run, will miss some interesting times
the Council since 2008 has been pushing this community forward putting some money aside, balancing our budget and if everybody is working a little hard, welcome to America

13.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-719: Amendment to Chapter 185of the Town Code, Attachment 9.
Schedule of Lot, Area, Frontage, Yard and Height Requirements – 2nd Reading
Recusing themselves Bissanti, Mercer
all five of these amendments are together

Roy - some folks don't feel this would fall within the Master Plan
go back to the initial statement, a plan for smart growth, etc.
provide for all affordability options, appropriate housing options
identifies a future demographic and goes right for that goal
workforce housing doesn't mean low income housing, it means those who are working can afford it
public transit is a walk away from this (the GATRA busing reaches the Municipal Bldg)
The most significant abutter is the Golf Course, you could have housing overlooking the course, where else in Franklin would you find this
paths for passive recreation, pond available for fishing and skating
in my judgement, this falls neatly in what we laid out for the Town of Franklin
Passed 6-1 (Powderly no)

14.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-720: Amendment to Chapter 185, §4. Districts Enumerated – 2nd Reading
motion to waive reading, passed
Passed 6-1 (Powderly no)

15.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-721: Amendment to Chapter 185, §5. Zoning Map- 2nd Reading
motion to waive reading, passed
Passed 6-1 (Powderly no)

16.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-722: Amendment to Chapter 185, §50. Residential VII Zoning District – 2nd Reading
motion to waive reading, passed
Nutting thanks to the Planning Dept, this is 25 bylaw changes this year and the Master Plan, a whole lot of work
Passed 6-1 (Powderly no)

17.Zoning Bylaw Amendment 13-723: Amendment to Chapter 185, Use Regulation Schedule – 2nd Reading
motion to waive reading, passed
Passed 6-1 (Powderly no)

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