Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why Mount St? Where did this come from?

Mount St resident Judith Cobb writes:
I am writing to alert all those of you who may have dealings with the Town of Franklin (Or other town governments), solar companies with promises, and National Grid. Not so long ago Franklin granted a permit to a solar company to install a farm which would grant all sorts of electrical benefits to the town. I am a supporter of solar energy. The word at the time was that it would be kind to the land and would connect to the Grid through the Union St. Industrial Park. Very soon after all the large roadside trees were cleared from the site.

Read the remainder of her letter here:

Helen Markee had also commented on a prior solar panel update:
This project may be great for the town but not for the Franklin residents who live on Mount St. In order to connect the solar farm into the electrical grid, National Grid has decided to run the 23 thousand volt power line along Mount St, which already has three power lines crossing it, one twenty three thousand volt line and two one hundred and fifteen thousand volt power transmission lines. This decision was made and the work started without notifying any of the residents on Mount St about this additional power line. Other routes for this new power line are available which would not increase the harmful electromagnetic radiation exposure to the Mount St residents. Running this type of power line along a street by itself would not normally be a hazard, but combined with the effects of three other power transmission lines already crossing it greatly increase the risk of health related issues including cancer. Perhaps the residents of Mount St in Franklin don't Matter!

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