Monday, November 4, 2013

Voices of Franklin: Powderly -> Appoint the Treasurer/Collector Position

Friends and Colleagues

Tomorrow is election day, and I respectfully ask you to VOTE YES on Question 1 to make the Treasurer/Collector position in Franklin an appointed position, not an elected position as it currently stands.

Moving the position to an appointed position does not indicate a loss of faith or trust in the voters.  The move recognizes that Franklin has grown to a $100 million+ business, with complex debt management and cash flows, and that an election does not necessarily allow one to properly vet candidates for such a critical position.  The process for hiring our next Treasurer/Collector should include interviews, references, requirements for certifications, prior experience, assessment of ability to work with other Franklin departments, at a minimum.  Indeed, the likes of General Motors or IBM or Pepsi do not choose their CFO based on a poll of their staff because although their staff may be well-informed and well-intentioned, the dynamics of an election do not automatically mean that a rigorous full review of the candidates takes place.

Please note that our current Treasurer/Collector, Jim Dacey, has lobbied for a change to an Appointed position for years.  He has done a phenomenal job for the Town and is the one most qualified to comment on the rigors of the position.  Please read his editorial below for his reasoning, and note that last week Milford approved by Town Meeting this same change.

Please support the Treasurer/Collector position as Appointed for the long-term financial health and stability of Franklin.

Thank you.

Tina Powderly

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