Sunday, November 3, 2013

Conversation with Judy Pfeffer - Candidate for Town Council

When Judy Pfeffer and I sat down recently to talk about the election Nov 5th, we realized that the last time we had got together was prior to the election in 2009. My how time does fly? Without letting too much more time go by, we got into a series of questions which Judy answered.

Q - Now that the Master Plan has been approved, what do you think will happen to it?
A - The Master Plan needs an implementation committee to do the work. It took a whole lot of good work by a lot of people to put the Master Plan together. It will take some work to put into action.

Q - Do you think the Treasurer/Collector should be appointed or elected?
A - I had been on the side to have the position appointed. I have changed my mind and it should remain elected. It is the only way to keep the position with a Franklin resident. And with the size of the budget, it really should be managed by someone local. I have long advocated for Franklin residents to be first inline for town positions. Keeping the position elected will do that.

Q - What do you think of the non-binding question for mayor? Should we have one?
A - How will the mayor be set up? It depends. I don’t want to be mayor. Some others might but not me. people need to know that this won’t happen anytime soon. It will take another charter commission to study, make a proposal, go through the approvals and require another vote before we see it.

After these questions, our conversation vered to cover other Franklin topics. Judy thinks the Citizens Committee is shaking things up a bit. Attention needs to be paid to some things where it hasn’t been. The downtown train station got fixed up recently due to their efforts. What will we do with the old municipal building? It needs repair because nobody was paying attention to the building. That should not happen. Judy would like to return to the Town Council to help address these things.

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