Monday, November 4, 2013

Conversation with Brett Feldman - Town Council Candidate

Brett Feldman is attempting to step up to the Town Council after 8 years with the Finance Committee. Brett will be one of 10 candidates for 9 positions on the Town Council. Aside from the existing Councilors, his experience on the Finance Committee has probably best prepared him for what will be needed to serve on the Town Council.

By the time, Brett and I got together earlier this month, he has already met with Town Administrator Jeff Nutting to review the listing of the topics Jeff had prepared for the candidates to be aware of. There were no surprises on the list. Brett was already familiar with the issues around the funding for the roads, the schedule for the downtown project, and Davis Thayer’s status, to mention just a few.

Brett’s eight years on the Finance Committee has provided him a good knowledge of the overall business of Franklin. He understands the budget process. He has worked with the various department managers and other committees.

Brett is an energy professional with experience working for energy companies. He lives in Franklin with his wife and two children. The oldest of his two children is in elementary school and youngest is about to enter. He is a civic minded volunteer looking to be ‘part of the solution’ for Franklin.

You can also find Brett’s input during the Candidate Forum on Oct 23rd here

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