Saturday, January 4, 2014

"I’m keeping an open mind"

Wicked Local reports on Representative Jeff Roy's efforts to learn all he can about the issues around licencing of firearms.
According to Roy, the Sandy Hook shooting served as a catalyst. Leaving the University of Massachusetts after a training session for newly elected lawmakers, Roy said he heard the first reports from Newtown, Conn. 
"It chilled me and gave me a real sense of the work I was going to undertake on Jan. 2," Roy said, referring to his swearing-in date. "I knew gun violence was going to be an important topic in the Legislature." 
The Legislature’s work on new state gun proposals will ramp up with the release of the gun violence task force’s anticipated report. Appointed last year by House Speaker Robert DeLeo, the group has been meeting with mental health experts, researchers, school officials and police chiefs, Roy said. 
The report, he said, will touch on school safety, mental health and gun licensing.

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