Saturday, March 8, 2014

Citizen Advisory - Fraud Alert

The Franklin Police Department would like to remind all citizens to be cautious of any phone 
calls, mailings or individuals who knock at your door and request that you provide personal 
information, data or ask that you send money by any means such as a gift card, debit card, money order or check to any person, entity, business or company that you do not have a personal knowledge of, or a business relationship with. 

We cannot stress strongly enough just how clever and deceitful these individuals who are trying to get your money from you can be. They will telephone you repeatedly hoping to engage you in conversation because as long as they can keep you talking they may be able to get you to provide them the information they want.
Franklin Police
Franklin Police

Let me give you an example. Franklin Detective's are currently involved in an investigation where, innocently enough, the victim provided Franklin as their hometown. The caller, who had identified himself as an FBI agent in an attempt to gain the confidence of the victim stated that he knew the Franklin Police Chief and provided my name. All of this information is available via computer and was obviously searched while talking on the phone.

This "FBI agent" has repeatedly called the victim back and the caller ID now shows the 528-1212 phone number of the Franklin Police which is also easily done by using computer applications. Again, be very cautious as these callers have no conscience or remorse for what they are trying to do. 

They will represent themselves as a representative of a Government Agency, Insurance Company, a Bank, a Law Enforcement Agency, or tell you that you have won a prize or anything else to gain your trust. They are aided by computer applications and programs that will automatically dial phone numbers, screen or disguise who they really are and where they are calling from in an effort to get you to disclose personal information about yourself or to send them money through and untraceable means to an untraceable location.

The bottom line is this. If you have doubts or concerns at all about anyone who calls or otherwise contacts you looking for information or promising you anything that you have no knowledge of hang up the phone and immediately call your local police department. 

Stephan H. Semerjian, Chief

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