Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Live reporting - closing

old business
no bylaw for parking hours
Nutting - I would like to come forward with a comprehensive measure to cover the parking meters, etc.

new business
will come forward wit h a draft  resolution

Aucoin - we should assert as a town, I did attend the meeting when you were all sworn in
the draft resolution shares elements of both the Federal and State constitutions

Jones - could we include a public hearing for the final beer/wine licence?
Nutting to advertise, or discuss it first? (discuss)

Bissanti - I would like to get the RFP moving for Pond St as soon as possible

Cerel - can't do a general RFP, need to be specific
there needs to be some specific inputs required

Nutting -  we can bring Norma to show what is required?
Cerel - preliminary expression of intent is nonbinding
on for next meeting

Pfeffer - acknowledge B Swenson passing for service at the Library
Senior Center showing a movie on loosing one's sight, Mar 26th

motion to adjourn

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