Thursday, March 6, 2014

"the last one available"

In a memo to the council, Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting said he’d prefer professional offices, which create less traffic, for the south side as opposed to commercial development. 
"Professional office space helps the tax base without the heavy traffic counts, noise, etc., found with commercial development," he said, adding the Planning Board could issue a special permit for offices. 
Nutting also urged councilors to consider the recent condominium development for the Cook’s Farm property on East Central Street, saying it could create additional traffic on Rte. 140. 
Rezoning the residential zone on the north side of Rte. 140 for commercial use, he added, may create the perception of an "extended strip mall" from one end of Franklin to the other.
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Note: The Milford Daily News is implementing a 'pay wall' for their website. They had recently changed their website and it has been riddled with bugs. Hardly a day goes by where I encounter no errors on the page (and this occurs across multiple browsers so it is not just one issue).  The amount of material shared from their webpage may decline. I'll need to consider subscribing. If I do subscribe and continue to link to their material, it will also 'force' you to consider subscribing. I have stopped sharing articles from the Boston Globe for the same reason. That was an easier decision as they rarely had an article that covered Franklin. MDN has more articles but does not have something every day.

For the 2.5 hour meeting, the decision to move the zoning of RT 140 to the Economic Development Subcommittee took less than a minute. For complete coverage of the meeting, you have come to the proper place.

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