Thursday, March 6, 2014

What is the public need?

The 2.5 hour Town Council meeting on Wednesday covered many topics. One of the more contentious was the license application for the 'last' beer/wine license currently available. During the course of the discussion, it was revealed that

  • there are 13 or 16 beer/wine licenses in Franklin (does anyone really know the total?) 
  • only one is open at this time 
  • the amount is limited by population and reset with each census count every ten years
  • there is some turn over of licenses from time to time due to business (one business could close freeing up the license)
  • the open one arose from the Davita Market obtaining the full alcohol license and they gave back the beer/wine license
  • the applicant filed their interest in November 2013
  • the applicant only came up now due to the meeting schedule and having worked out some details on the application itself
  • the applicant has been up for a license before, when the prior beer/wine license was advertised, they were one of three and did not end up with it
  • the public need is the primary reason for consideration of the license
  • competition (i.e another liquor store across the street is not to be considered, legally)
  • the applicant has been operating since 2001
  • the applicant did not obtain their license request by a 5-4 vote
  • this current license will be advertised, the applicant may re-apply 
  • the applicant may also appeal the council decision to the state ABC commission

For a Town Council looking to foster local business, this decision doesn't make sense. You got to wonder what else might have been in their minds to vote no.

Fortunately, this is not over. There will be a new try for the applicant (assuming they decide to pursue it).

The detailed live reporting notes for the remainder of the meeting can be found here. Given the long meeting Tuesday and last night's long session. I have additional info to post and make available for both the Tue and Wed meetings.

Franklin Municipal Building
Franklin Municipal Building

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