Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Live reporting - Ambulance presentation

Gary McCarraher/Ambulance Information

70% of call volume for calendar year 2013

ALS - advanced life support
BLS - basic life support

trauma patients differ from 'sickness' patients

differences between trauma center and community hospitals
level 1 trauma - UMass Medical or RI Hospital, two closest for Franklin

track on scene time and transport time
importance of time to respond, time on site also affects time available for next call

transport based upon patients condition
don't transport to Boston for time factor

approx 1500 to Milford, other sites drop off in volume from that
9 and 5 to trauma centers RI Hospital and then UMass Medical respectively

is transporting a money maker?
No, we don't cover our costs. We continue to look at how and if we could cover a third transport
The number of mutual aid is rising, need to watch that, if it continues to do so, then it may be justified

running 2 ambulances
120+ mutual aid calls in the last year (out of total of 2000)

50+ calls happened back to back

approx 200 calls from Dean

incident rate in general has been flat over last five year
industrial parks have been empty
residential workload has increase
when economy turns and industrial parks get busier, then the calls could increase

assisted living centers generate a call per unit per year
300 units coming online but not open yet

regional dispatch will it reduce the transportation times?
where all of our units are busy, the dispatcher will call elsewhere
when you have a regional dispatch, the status board will help to identify where the units are available and save the time calling around

we provide about 60-80 calls out to our neighbors

I would feel more comfortable with more ambulances

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