Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Live reporting - Library Presentation

Sandra Brandfonbrener and Monique Doyle (Co Chairs)
Felicia Oti, Library Director

The full set of documents released for this agenda can be found here

The library presentation begins at Page 16

approved library budget down 22% since 2000
staffing down 52% since 2000
service delivery has increased during this same period

looking for additional space
for collections, technology and storage

two options
1 - renovations without an addition (still requires 1000 sq ft0 and meet code requirements
2 - add 6000 sq ft to current building and meet the code requirements

expand programming capabilities

library comparison with neighboring communities

can be funded within existing debt capacity

current library was built in 1904 with a population of 5,000
today the population is over 30,000 and we are using pretty much the same space

2 stories, additional parking required?
not at this time, no immediate land around it to use

ebooks are expensive and not sustainable
limited to 22 checkouts for library copies

there are many more reasons for using the library than to get books/ebooks

one of the beauties of the library, it is the first, it is free
continuation circulation of items

there can be improvement in technology, we should expand to better serve the community

ever since the video stores have closed, it is a resource for those movies

it is a magical place for children to go

keeping the historical integrity of the library

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